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PNTO is a non-partisan, non-profit organization. Our purpose is to educate people about the threat of nuclear terrorism, and to have them sign this petition to be presented to the Congress and the Administration.
Petition Summary

The threat of nuclear terrorism against the United States and the rest of the world is real, significant and imminent.   As should become clear from the background information that follows, avoiding nuclear terrorism may only be possible if the United States makes it a top policy priority, with the full mobilization of the nation's economic and diplomatic resources.

  • Terrorist organizations and their state sponsors are actively seeking nuclear weapons and nuclear material to make weapons.
  • These terrorist organizations have publicly stated their desire to acquire nuclear weapons and to destroy Western civilization.   
  • The terrorists have the capability to make a nuclear bomb (if they have the nuclear material) and smuggle it into the U.S. without being stopped. 

Even a single, small, crude nuclear bomb is enough to kill  millions  of people in New York City or Washington, D.C. and maim and injure millions more, plunge the world into a major economic depression, and fundamentally change the way we live.  If terrorists acquire nuclear material, they could make this a reality tomorrow.

The only practical way to stop a nuclear attack is by preventing nuclear material and nuclear weapons from getting into the hands of terrorists and their sponsorsTo achieve this goal, this petition calls for the U.S. Congress and Administration to:

  • Immediately secure “loose” nuclear material and weapons around the world, and
  • Strictly control the transport, trade, and production of plutonium and highly enriched uranium (either of which may be easily used to make a primitive but effective nuclear bomb).

This petition also seeks to encourage other countries to help us reduce the risk of nuclear terror.  We believe the U.S. must reach out to other nations and offer incentives to comply, specifically:

  • We will offer monetary and technological incentives to encourage countries to comply and defray their costs. 
  • To demonstrate our dedication to this effort, the U.S. should suspend its production of new nuclear weapons.

But incentives are not enough; it is important to also show that we are serious about preventing nuclear terrorism and that we regard another state’s failure to help reduce the risk of nuclear terror as a clear risk to U.S. security.  Thus, the petition also makes it clear that the acquisition by non-nuclear weapons states of nuclear materials capable of making bombs (these materials are not necessary for nuclear power generation) will be considered hostile acts against the United States, freeing us to act accordingly. 

Finally, the petition calls for the creation of a position, reporting directly to the President, with ultimate authority and responsibility for safeguarding our nation from the danger of nuclear terrorism.

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