About Us

The Prevent Nuclear Terrorism Organization, PNTO, was founded in 2005.

Over the past two decades the threat of nuclear terrorism has grown.  With the collapse of the Soviet Union and the resulting chaos, the risk that nuclear material might make its way into the hands of a terrorist group became a frightening possibility.

After 9-11, the destruction of the World Trade Center, the attack on the Pentagon, the murders of over 3,000 people, and Al-Qaeda's explicitly stated desire to acquire nuclear weapons, this concern became even more pressing.

There are several excellent organizations dedicated to helping prevent nuclear weapons from becoming terrorist weapons or used by rogue states.  The focus of PNTO - the Prevent Nuclear Terrorist Organization - is uniquely focused on raising public attention and education.  The resulting public pressure will help convince our elected leaders to implement a series of simple, powerful policies that can directly reduce the threat of nuclear terrorism and help make our country and the world a safer place.


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PNTO is a non-partisan, non-profit organization.
Our purpose is to educate people about the threat of nuclear terrorism,
and to then to have them sign this petition
to be presented to the Congress and the Administration.
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